• The photographs in the exhibition part are 350 USD or 250 EURO.

• The standard size of the photographs are 48x32cm. and delivered without frame.

• In order to order, the cost of the photographs will either be sent to the 461539 numbered USD account of İbrahim Göksungur in Türkiye İş Bank, Ayaspaşa/İstanbul branch, or to the 484302 numbered EURO account of the same bank. The number and date of receipt should be notified during order.

• You can use the following E-mail address and/or phone numbers to order the photographs and to inform the delivery address.

• In case of payment in TRL, the TCMB effective selling rate of the order date should be the conversion rate. (It is optional to use USD or EURO rate.) In such cases, the 210505 numbered TRL account in Türkiye İş Bankası Ayaspaşa/İstanbul branch should be utilized.

• The ordered photographs will be delivered or sent by express Messenger, cash on credit within at most 10 days.

Tel : +90 212 244 31 47,  +90 532 392 20 42
E-mail : ibrahim@goksungur.com