The album of the exhibition “Faces of the Earth” has been published by Iletişim Publications in October 2005. This album which is composed of 144 pages with 120 photos, contains the photograhs of the “Faces of the Earth” Exhibition, some shots from the “Women’s World” exhibition and some photographs which were not published or exhibited before.

In the book, while the journey to the different cultures, colors, beliefs and ways of living is widening, it is also emphasised that these cultures are in the process of standardization and westernization and they are under the danger of vanishing.

The women with ring collars in Thailand… The people raising tomatoes on their bamboo islands on Lake Inle in Mynamar… The holy books read in temples all day long in India, Tibet, Ladak… The people in Guatemala who serve drinks and cigarettes to please to their local god Machimo who is only a hollow wooden icono…

Moreover, the similiratity of people with other people of the countries on the other side of the world which they have even never heard the names of. The fact of the similarity of cultures, beliefs and ways of living which seem so far apart. In other words, the differences in similarities and the similarities in differences are the subject of the “Faces of the Earth”.

You can get the album from the outstanding bookstores all across Turkey for 40 YTL.

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